Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I have a J D 212 with Kohler 301AQS. It starts and idles fine, but bogs down with throttle increase. Ideas?

John Deere 212 Lawn Tractor w/ 12 hp Kohler motor.

It was hardly running at all a couple of weeks ago. I changed the oil, and replaced the spark plug and tried it again. It idled smoothly after that, but still couldn't take more throttle. I rebuilt the carb, thinking that maybe it was gummed up. Put the carb back on and fired up right away, but still can't get beyond an idle. Whenever I apply more throttle it just starts running rough, blows black smoke and eventually dies. I have no idea what to try next, do you?|||When you pull the plus after it dies is it wet with gas or oil? If gas it is running too rich. Is the air filter plugged or the choke on? Is there a fuel filter? If so when was this last changed? So if starts and idles OK, it is not electrical so must be too much fuel or not enough air to get the correct air/fuel ratio.|||check for water in fuel....how old is the fuel, if old, drain tank and carb, and replace with fresh, gas has a limited life in these days with additives

I have a 70's model wheel horse c-100 8 speed with a 10 horse power kohler vertical mount motor?

what do i adjust the valves to|||you mean what gap? looik up the specs on google|||I think that you only check the clearance between the push rod and valve.

How to replace a 35 year old kohler shower mixer valve?

You know, there aren't many things that I don't do for myself. This is one.

Call in a plumber.

.|||A lot depends on if there's access behind the mixer valver or not.

I cut a good sized hole out of the sheet rock behind my valve and could get a wrench back there. Oh yeah- I was working with CPVC plastic so I didn't have to worry about burning the house down with a torch for copper pipe. I think for copper pipe, I'd use a plumber!

Which are better, Kohler small engines or Honda?

I know Kohlers are supposed to be built strong, are they stronger than Honda? I personally don't like honda, but tell me what you think.|||If you dont like the Honda. Go with the Kohler with the cast iron cylinder sleeve. It wont let you down anytime soon. Not to mention the Price difference.|||a think a honda would be better|||the better one is the one that starts in second,dumbass|||Both manufacturers are adapting to new pollution control standard laws. So you might expect some problems from either one as they switch over to low polluting engines. Another factor is noise pollution. Communities are starting to appreciate engines that run with less noise. For example, leaf blower engines are starting to get bad publicity because of the noise they make in your community. Usually the design engineers don't get it right the first time around, so any brand new anti-pollution ("green") engine may have it's problems. I prefer a low noise engine, and Honda has produced some very low noise emergency power backup engines.|||Honda are the best, they run forever.|||Why would you not like Honda engines? They have few flaws and parts are easy to come by. Kohler is a good brand as well. They have the same ease of repair and spares are common, too. I would reccomend either for any project.|||I have Honda CR-V, it's 6 years since brought it in 2000. I told you that Honda are better than Kohler that Honda are made in Japan.

I think that Kohler are easily to breakdown and Honda are harder to breakdown..|||I used to sell both, the Honda is gonna be the top of the line when it comes to small engines. Kohler is a good engine as well. The only problem with Kohler engines is that when they breakdown it is harder to find parts or someone trained to work on them. Honda parts are easy to find and have someone trained to work on them.|||Honda rocks !!!!!!!!

Does Kohler or anyone else make a class 5, round seat toilet with center lift knob actuator.?

The round seat toilets with lift knob actuator have the ingenium flushing system. I live in a small apt. and have a small bathroom. I would prefer class 5 system but cannot find: class 5 flush system, round seat, and lift knob actuator and that is what I want.|||The only toilet I know with a center lift is Ifo, a European toilet which I have seen installed in the USA, but may be hard to adapt to US plumbing. I can't tell if they're class 5 or not.

http://deabath.com/IFO/Ifocera/ifocera.h鈥?/a>|||Kohler is located in Brownwood, TX and their website may help you or you may find the number for someone who will.

Which is better? Kohler Command or Briggs and Stratton Vanguard?

Buying a new ZT lawnmower and can get a pretty equal deal between the two mowers I have in mind. However, 1 is used (3 years old and 150 hours) and has a briggs vanguard and the other one is new and has a kohler command. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.|||My personal preference would be Kohler Command as i've used one before.|||The debate between Briggs %26amp; Stratton and Kohler can be summed up in another more common battle, Ford vs. Chevy. Some swear by them, others swear at them. Both engines are good, so don't let the engine be the deciding factor. My personal preference is the Briggs.

What's the song from the Kohler toilet commercial where the guy tries to plug his toilet? (Link!)?

the lyrics are like "can't help it can't help it can't help it"

Click on the link to see the commercial with the song (maybe you can song ID it?)

http://www.us.kohler.com/video/player_li鈥?/a>|||The music in the commercial was composed specifically for the ad by Pete Nashel (Duotone Audio Group).