Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My kohler toilet makes a "whining" sound when flushed?

My wife makes that very same sound when i leave the seat up? lol

Paul|||open up wider the intake valve on the wall.|||I would say it is the fill-valve. Remove the tank lid and flush. You should be able to hear it better and find the source. If it is the valve, you can change it to a Fluidmaster 400A valve for about $6. The kit comes with really good instructions and is an easy fix.|||It's sounds like you ballcock is malfunctioning.

It may be normal, but if it fills up fast enough, I would think about installing a Korky ballcock.

Most us plumbers consider a normal fill up time within 30 seconds after flush.

If it's more than a minute, you may have a blockage in the water supply, or it may be partially open.

Some call a ballcock, a flush valve by the way.

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