Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to adjust hot water on Kohler anti scald faucet?

I recently moved into an apartment and the shower does not get hot at all and i need a hot shower. I was told that i have a anti scald faucet. Is there any way i can adjust the temperature myself? Please Help. Thanks|||First, try a regular faucet and see if the hot tap there is hot enough. The HW heater may be turned down. There's often a set screw or some other ring that limits the travel of the interior shower cartridge to limit the maximum temperature. Not knowing exactly which Kohler model I can't tell you more. Take the knob off (again it depends on which one you have how you do this, often the center cap pops off exposing a screw) and see what you see inside.|||go online to Kohler and they can explain it. Basically you take the shower knob off and there's an adjustment you can make, They will explain which way to turn it etc.

Mine (Kohler) have an allen head screw that limits the valve handle rotation at the hot end. The center front trim unscrews to release the handle/trim and expose the internal adjustments|||You should have a cover plate on the control knobs. Remove it and look for a slotted screw ahead of an indicator for adjusting the temperature.

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