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I have a J D 212 with Kohler 301AQS. It starts and idles fine, but bogs down with throttle increase. Ideas?

John Deere 212 Lawn Tractor w/ 12 hp Kohler motor.

It was hardly running at all a couple of weeks ago. I changed the oil, and replaced the spark plug and tried it again. It idled smoothly after that, but still couldn't take more throttle. I rebuilt the carb, thinking that maybe it was gummed up. Put the carb back on and fired up right away, but still can't get beyond an idle. Whenever I apply more throttle it just starts running rough, blows black smoke and eventually dies. I have no idea what to try next, do you?|||When you pull the plus after it dies is it wet with gas or oil? If gas it is running too rich. Is the air filter plugged or the choke on? Is there a fuel filter? If so when was this last changed? So if starts and idles OK, it is not electrical so must be too much fuel or not enough air to get the correct air/fuel ratio.|||check for water in fuel....how old is the fuel, if old, drain tank and carb, and replace with fresh, gas has a limited life in these days with additives

I have a 70's model wheel horse c-100 8 speed with a 10 horse power kohler vertical mount motor?

what do i adjust the valves to|||you mean what gap? looik up the specs on google|||I think that you only check the clearance between the push rod and valve.

How to replace a 35 year old kohler shower mixer valve?

You know, there aren't many things that I don't do for myself. This is one.

Call in a plumber.

.|||A lot depends on if there's access behind the mixer valver or not.

I cut a good sized hole out of the sheet rock behind my valve and could get a wrench back there. Oh yeah- I was working with CPVC plastic so I didn't have to worry about burning the house down with a torch for copper pipe. I think for copper pipe, I'd use a plumber!

Which are better, Kohler small engines or Honda?

I know Kohlers are supposed to be built strong, are they stronger than Honda? I personally don't like honda, but tell me what you think.|||If you dont like the Honda. Go with the Kohler with the cast iron cylinder sleeve. It wont let you down anytime soon. Not to mention the Price difference.|||a think a honda would be better|||the better one is the one that starts in second,dumbass|||Both manufacturers are adapting to new pollution control standard laws. So you might expect some problems from either one as they switch over to low polluting engines. Another factor is noise pollution. Communities are starting to appreciate engines that run with less noise. For example, leaf blower engines are starting to get bad publicity because of the noise they make in your community. Usually the design engineers don't get it right the first time around, so any brand new anti-pollution ("green") engine may have it's problems. I prefer a low noise engine, and Honda has produced some very low noise emergency power backup engines.|||Honda are the best, they run forever.|||Why would you not like Honda engines? They have few flaws and parts are easy to come by. Kohler is a good brand as well. They have the same ease of repair and spares are common, too. I would reccomend either for any project.|||I have Honda CR-V, it's 6 years since brought it in 2000. I told you that Honda are better than Kohler that Honda are made in Japan.

I think that Kohler are easily to breakdown and Honda are harder to breakdown..|||I used to sell both, the Honda is gonna be the top of the line when it comes to small engines. Kohler is a good engine as well. The only problem with Kohler engines is that when they breakdown it is harder to find parts or someone trained to work on them. Honda parts are easy to find and have someone trained to work on them.|||Honda rocks !!!!!!!!

Does Kohler or anyone else make a class 5, round seat toilet with center lift knob actuator.?

The round seat toilets with lift knob actuator have the ingenium flushing system. I live in a small apt. and have a small bathroom. I would prefer class 5 system but cannot find: class 5 flush system, round seat, and lift knob actuator and that is what I want.|||The only toilet I know with a center lift is Ifo, a European toilet which I have seen installed in the USA, but may be hard to adapt to US plumbing. I can't tell if they're class 5 or not.

http://deabath.com/IFO/Ifocera/ifocera.h鈥?/a>|||Kohler is located in Brownwood, TX and their website may help you or you may find the number for someone who will.

Which is better? Kohler Command or Briggs and Stratton Vanguard?

Buying a new ZT lawnmower and can get a pretty equal deal between the two mowers I have in mind. However, 1 is used (3 years old and 150 hours) and has a briggs vanguard and the other one is new and has a kohler command. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.|||My personal preference would be Kohler Command as i've used one before.|||The debate between Briggs %26amp; Stratton and Kohler can be summed up in another more common battle, Ford vs. Chevy. Some swear by them, others swear at them. Both engines are good, so don't let the engine be the deciding factor. My personal preference is the Briggs.

What's the song from the Kohler toilet commercial where the guy tries to plug his toilet? (Link!)?

the lyrics are like "can't help it can't help it can't help it"

Click on the link to see the commercial with the song (maybe you can song ID it?)

http://www.us.kohler.com/video/player_li鈥?/a>|||The music in the commercial was composed specifically for the ad by Pete Nashel (Duotone Audio Group).

Why does my 15.5 hp Kohler quit when it get hot?

I have a John Deere LT155 with a 15.5 hp Kohler engine. The engine will back fire and quit after it gets hot. When it cools it will run again until it gets hot. Any idea on what could be wrong?|||the ignition coil could be getting hot and breaking down the coil windings. when the engine quits "when it gets hot" pull the spark plug wire off the spark plug and check the spark to see if it is a good blue spark if it does not the coil could be going bad|||Try taking the covers off the sides of the engine compartment; it will run cooler. It worked on mine. And check to see if grass or debris is packed around the engine. It only takes a little to block the free passage of air around it.|||the first thing i would try is replacing the spark plug.

Is the Kohler 1 Piece toilet a portable toilet? Does it have all the hook ups as traditional toilet?

No not a portable toilet -- You can get those at a camping supply. The one piece toilet installs the same as a toilet with separately attached tank,

Sears lawn tractor with 22 hp Kohler engine starts and then dies. What is causing this problem?

Well you know everything is working or it would not even run.

You are not gettting consistant fuel supply. You may have a loose clamp on the ends of the fuel filter. Sometimes the rubber line clamp gets loose or old and allows a small amount of air to get sucked in the line, this lessens the flow of fuel. Check the rubber line, and the clamps on the fuel filter.You also could have a clogged fuel filter. Take the model # of your sears tractor in to the store, they might have one in stock.

Drain the fuel tank and make sure gas is flowing steadily out of the line. Check to see if gas line hose got kinked somewhere.|||Check the fuel flow to the carburetor. Make sure the filter and tank are clean. If that isn't the problem, it is most likely the carburetor. It will need to be cleaned.|||A plugged air vent can cause these symptoms as can many other things.|||clean your air filter, and your fuel filter, but I would bet your air filter is dirty.|||check your oil level?

What is the name of the Kohler 2010 flipside handshower song?

Take a look here:

http://www.whatisthatsong.net/|||I was super lucky, I contacted Kohler and a nice CEO sent me the link: www.us.kohler.com/performances鈥? -- Click the--Get the music tab-- upper right, last one, in orange and Be sure to open it on your desktop and save it from there. It's in QuickTime format

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I have a john deere riding mower lt133 with a 13 hp kohler engine.?

It starts fine with the clutch peddle depressed but shuts down when I release it. Can you tell me why?|||It could be a few things I work at Home Depot and people come in with the same problem and there is no one set thing that it could be. Sorry to give the disappointing news but you might have to go see a dealer.|||There's a safety switch on the seat too.. Are you sitting on the seat when you start it?|||Check out the safety switches to see if a wire has not come off. There needs to be continuity on some switches and none on others. Check all switches for correct operation.


I have a kohler & chase piano. Is it worth any money? How do I find out?

Besides this piano my dad has a Monarch wood burning stove that came with the house when my parents purchased the home in the 1940's. Any ideas on what these could be worth?|||Look on e-bay and see if theres any for sale.|||Have it appraised. The value depends on the reputation of the brand and the condition of the piano itself.|||Wait 20 years more, and keep it in good condition.

I will tell you when it should be sold and for how much money.

(I'm serious).

Possibly to me, because I hope in this time will have sufficient space and money (this part, where I'm kidding).

My kohler toilet makes a "whining" sound when flushed?

My wife makes that very same sound when i leave the seat up? lol

Paul|||open up wider the intake valve on the wall.|||I would say it is the fill-valve. Remove the tank lid and flush. You should be able to hear it better and find the source. If it is the valve, you can change it to a Fluidmaster 400A valve for about $6. The kit comes with really good instructions and is an easy fix.|||It's sounds like you ballcock is malfunctioning.

It may be normal, but if it fills up fast enough, I would think about installing a Korky ballcock.

Most us plumbers consider a normal fill up time within 30 seconds after flush.

If it's more than a minute, you may have a blockage in the water supply, or it may be partially open.

Some call a ballcock, a flush valve by the way.

I have a Kohler Courage 25Hp engine with a square plug that has a tube. How do I drain it?

unscrew the square plug from the tube,

if it goes to the engine block,|||The square headed plug is a pipe plug. That is the same as my Kohler. Hold the pipe and unscrew the pipe plug.

Where to buy a discontinued white toilet seat called zofa 4764 by kohler?

it has to be white|||Try these:




Hope this helps!

How to fix the shine on a kohler sink?

Not enough information. Is it stainless steel, porcelain enamel, or a faux marble vanity top?|||if its hard water build up you can use a paertowl soaked in vinegar wrapped up with a plastic bag or Saran wrap. or that CLR stuff works great!

Kohler generator runs only when start key is pressed continually?

Continually having to press the start key is either related to an over heat, low oil, bad fuel solenoid problem or blocked fuel filter. Check oil and water sensors and operation of the fuel solenoid, also make sure you have a raw water discharge. One other problem could be the generator side is sensing an overload.|||test the ignition switch you are losing power to ignition circuit when in run position should remain except when key is off|||Its very possible that the switch is fine and you have a low oil shutdown. Check the oil level and correct if needed.

Where can i get a fuel pump for my 1978 , 14 h.p. Kohler engine?

how much is a new one or a used one?|||Go to Kohler.com and see if they have 1...|||To find any replacement parts you MUST start with the model and serial number found on the shroud of the engine. Without this information the wrong parts are very likely to be the snafu of the day!

If you had included the numbers in your question, a more intelligent answer could have been formulated and parts located for you.

How to adjust ignition timing kohler engine?

Need to set ignition timing kohler k321s engine|||the timeing is set at the crankshaft, an camshaft do you have it tore down? their are demples to alighn the gears. do you need to replace the pionts? piston should be at top dead center. piston at the top, both valves closed, install points, re gap contacts ,thickness of a standard business card|||The only adjustment to the timing is internal,with alignment marks on the camshaft and crankshaft.|||The points should be set to .016 -.020". There is no other ignition timing setting.

I am having trouble with our kohler generator remote start feature, it only shows, send stop and its off,?

usually when in the cabin when the generator is off it will say SEND RUN and then when running will say SEND STOP but now even with it off it says SEND STOP I am at wits end . the generator is on AUTO and is on a 2007 Rampage tred barta canyon edition boat. Any ideas?|||I'll try this one. First, what happens if you place the generator on manual? Starts okay? Have you disconnected all power to the generator and allowed it to reset? I know that seems too simple but sometimes disconnecting all power to a device, including starting battery, etc, for ten or fifteen minutes will allow it to rest itself and then function normally.

In any event, here's the TT 1379 remote digital gauge installation instructions so you can check that everything is installed correctly, whether you have a loose wire, etc.


Here's the controller for the TT-1364 :


I'd suggest you have a competent marine AC electrician look at this because you could be seriously injured or have a fire if you don't know exactly what you're doing with these voltages and ampere loads, especially with the more complicated controller.

If your controller is NOT one of the above, simply chance the numbers in the URL to match your controller number and see if you can get some answers.

Hope this helps some.

I have a Craftsman 18 hp Kohler Automatic transmission. Where do I change the transmission fluid?

shouldnt have too..... ever.. but there should be a drain plug on the bottom or a way to refil it if you dont see either then you dont change it

How do I drain the oil in my Kohler Courage 25Hp engine?

You will have a drain plug somewhere on the underside or lower side of the engine.

Usually it is a 1/2" square plug. It is on the lower part of the engine so it will drain all the oil out. Take a flashlight and look for it. Most manufacturers of lawn mowers, and other machinery will make sure that the engine oil plug is in a area easy to get to.

Craftsman Riding mowers are really hard to get to. They have a plastic snap on cap over the drain plug. It is usually red in color and you have to uncap it and then push the special fitting back and turn it counter clockwise to open the valve so the oil will drain out.

Start up the engine once you find the drain plug (don"t drain oil out yet), let the engine run for 3-4 minutes to warm up the oil so it drains out easily. Then place a catch pan under the oil drain and then open the plug. You also should change the oil filter at the same time. It is usually black and about 3" in diameter. Unscrew it counterclockwise with your hand and a rag around it.

Check your manual for amount of new oil to install after you have drained all the oil out and change the filter and shut the oil valve off or install the drain plug back.

Fill with oil and check dipstick as you go to make sure you do not over fill the oil.

After you are done put dipstick back in, start up engine and let run for a few minutes and re-check the dipstick. Add a little oil if needed but do not overfill.

Use the correct grade of motor oil as manual says. Usually a mower engine is SAE HD 30 .

Can someone help me out with understanding Gestalt Theory and how Wolfgang Kohler was involved with it?


(psych professor)

My craftsman tractor with a kohler 15 hp motor billows what appears to be white smoke when i first start it?

it an older lawn tractor model 917256552.........once its warmed up it runs good., no more smoke

not sure if its oil or raw gas seeping into the cylinder.....puzzled|||I think that it is oil. A rich fuel mixture usually causes black smoke that smells stronly of gas. Most likely the cause of the oil burning is the valve guides. A small amount of oil can leak past the guides and into the cylinder. If that is the only issue with the engine it will probably last a long time yet. Check the oil level in the crankcase and keep it near the full mark, never over and you should be good to go. I had a honda motor on a push mower that did that for years. Never used much oil but always had white/gray smoke on start up. Just kept running and didn't bother a thing.|||More than likely it is gas. Sounds like you are using to much gas on startup. It being an older model you may be able to adjust the carborator and should take care of this problem. Also if it has an adjustable choke you make be able to adjust that just for startup. Either way should take care of your problem.|||Possible that the engine is due for a rebuilding..............if not done so already, be sure to change the oil ( and filter if equipped ) every season, check/replace the spark plug(s), and adding Marvel Mystery Oil to the oil %26amp; fuel will help extend the life - that goes for any vehicle with en engine|||Could have too much oil in crank case and sucks it in around piston rings while cranking.

Smokes because its mixed with gas and being burned under compression.

If this motor has a dip stick, check to see if it is the correct one.|||Worn valve stems %26amp; seals; oil in the head runs past the seal into the combustion chamber when shut down; after running, it heats up, expands and closes the gap.|||Bob is right white smoke = to much gas

from a old timer

What country is the manufacture KOHLER from?

"Kohler" manufactures plumbing products and is headquartered in the state of Wisconsin in the United States. Here is a link to their website:


Good luck with your search for information.|||Founded in 1873 by an Austrian immigrant John Michael Kohler in Sheboygan, WI|||It was started in Austria|||She was close it is in kohler wisconsin, between fon du lac and sheboygan.

What old is a kohler and campbell piano with the serial number 570923?

Kohler %26amp; Campbell piano serial number 570923 was built in 1964.

Kohler diverter reducing water pressure by 4-5 times :(?


I recently bought bath and shower faucet from Kohler.


After installing it, I found out that its reducing the water pressure by at least 4-5 times because which I am not getting any pressure in shower.

E.g, If I measure the water pressure in terms of how far it shoots out when its at floor bottom and coming directly from tank, it goes upto 6-8 feet. Then the water travels upwards, passes through diverter and reaches the shower point and it gets reduced to 2 feet if measured in same manner. This means I do not get any pressure in shower

Is this normal behaviour of a diverter or something is wrong?

Thanks|||ok 1st of all that not pressure loss its VOLUME loss...u can only test pressure with a proper guage so u r losing volume....that amount of water u get......that sounds like ur shower riser...the pipe that goes from ur valve to the shower head is crimped somewhere.....if not then turn the water off to ur home and take the stem out of the valve then have someone turn the water back on with u in there then count to five and have them turn it back off......if there is any trash past the stem u cant see it will get blown out.....also what u can try is...with the water still off and the valve stem still out.....take the shower head off the blow thru that pipe making it flow backwards from original.....that way is something IS in the line after the stem it should get blown out too.....its got to be one of the two.....see it too many times....good luckl|||I have a similar Kohler bath and shower with no problems what so ever. Kohler has a lifetime guarantee, and I've found them to be very helpful on other problems. It's possible that you don't have the stem of the handle turned correctly-it has to be in one position so the the temperature regulator works right to keep you from getting burned when somebody turns the cold water on.|||a diverter is just that a diverter,is your shower head the trouble?|||It does not sound normal but call 1-800-4KOHLER (456-4537) and their technical people can tell you for sure!

Need help on adjustment of electric clutch on a 1720 cub cadet mower. it has the magnum kohler engine.?

i have spaced the clutch to .010 to .015 like it says in the book but it still slips and squeals when i get mowing. not all of the time but enough to make mowing aggravating.|||Are you sure that it is the clutch and not the belt? Those clutches last for years and belts only for a season or so. Especially with the noise, it sounds more like a belt. Unless you have dirt and oil in the clutch I would take a close look at the deck belt. Clutches are $2-300.00 and belts are $30 or so.

Does anyone know where to purchase a oil cooler for a riding lawn motor with a kohler oil pressure engine?

Hayden manufactures various size oil coolers. You can get a sandwich type spin on type adapter which fits between the oil filter and the engine.

Look on eBay for oil coolers. Should be plenty to choose from, especially if you are able to fit things together to make it work.

Where is ignition coil on Kohler magnum engine?

How do you get to the ignition coil on a 16hp Kohler magnum engine? It is mode MV16QSl||| It's probably under the flywheel like most of them are.Go to Goggle ,punch in Kohler,they will show you where it at.

What is the air gap setting on a coil for a 19 H.P. Kohler engine?

Need the air gap setting for a Kohler 19 H.P. motor on my lawn tractor.|||turn the flywheel till the coil and the steel plate line up then slide in a business card and let the magnet pull the coil up tight . tighten up the bolts and remove the business card. works good every time.|||It's often stamped on the coil itself, and is probably 0.010", but will, according to the service manual, have a tolerance and be okay at 0.008 - 0.012".

What kind of finish does kohler use to protect their brass faucets?

it's a powder coat|||Clear Powder Coat.

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|||Kohler only uses a powder coat on one of their faucets. Every other faucet Kohler makes is a Physical Vapor Deposition finish. PVD is similar to what is used on car finishes, is more expensive than powder coat, and is the reason you don't see new car finishes destroyed by road salts anymore.

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How old is a kohler and campbell piano with the serial number 790591?

I emailed the company and this was the reply i received.


We did not acquire the rights to the Kohler %26amp; Campbell brand until 1991, so

we would not have manufactured this piano. However, based on the serial

number you provided, the piano atlas indicates that it was built in 1982.

The only way to determine value of any piano is to have a qualified piano

technician take a look at it, as there are too many hidden variables to

consider. If you do not know a technician, you can search for one in your

area at www.ptg.org .

Thank you,

Jane Jones

Samick Piano Service Manager

Samick Music Corporation

1329 Gateway Drive

Gallatin, TN 37066

615-206-0077, xt. 148

FAX: 615-296-4137



Is a Toro with a Kohler engine (18hp 42in $1299) better than a Craftsman with a B&S engine(22hp 42in $1349)?

I have had both I will never buy another Toro. Or anything with a Kohler engine. I have the 16 horse ohv bs in a craftsman now it is the best I have had|||I would go with the Toro. sears does not make lawn mowers it is most likely made by MTD and sears just puts their name on it|||Go with the Toro and Kohler|||Kohler is a much better engine and toro is built more heavy duty. i have a kohler 20 hp in my cub cadet super garden tractor bought it new in 1992 looks and runs like new yet. craftman builds junk they are a cheap and tinny tractor|||FYI

This Toro tractor is made by MTD. This Toro tractor is not heavy duty like an older Toro tractor would be. This is an economy tractor built for a price. In my proffesional opinion I would buy the Craftsman over the Toro if thats all I could afford. If you can afford more, than go to an indpendent dealer %26amp; get a premium tractor.|||The low end toro's are in fact made by mtd..... unlike sears that are made by ayp (american yard products..... they make poulan, weedeater and husqvarna)

And the kohler engines seem to have alot of problems right now..... plus the briggs will be easier and cheaper to fix in the long run.

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How does the ignition system on a kohler engine work?

Almost all light engines use magnetos for ignition. A permanent magnet mounted on the drive shaft spins past a coil, inducing a current in it. At the right time, points open, interrupting the flow of current; the inductance of the coil, in resonance with the capacitor across the points, creates a high voltage which fires the spark plug.|||Which Kohler engine? I have a regular car 12 volt ignition coil on mine. The points are on the block and covered by a small cover. The 12 volts for the coil is from the battery.

Can i put a 18 hp kohler in to replace a 12 hp kohler?

have cub cadet ih 124! engine ran out of sick days and called off dead!|||yes and no the shaft has to be the same size and it may or may not fit in the mower itself i put a 12hp BS into a 8 BS and it worked shaft was same size|||Yeah go for it!|||If the 18 hp is for a lawn tractor it will work just fine and should make a good trade. Just measure the shaft. The mounting pattern should be the same. Engines that are made for generators as an example have a tapered shaft. Not much good for lawn mowers.

Kohler Command 23 Gas Engine - Pressure coming from oil filler tube?

Hello! I have a 2006 Grasshopper 223 Zero-Turn mower and there is pressure coming from the oil filler tube that pushes the dipstick out. Any ideas what this is?|||Engine blow by. Check to see if the crank case vent is clogged. If it is your lucky. Just clean it and good as new. If it is venting, then the engine is worn out.

Kohler Command 23 Gas Engine - Pressure coming from oil filler tube?

Hello! I have a 2006 Grasshopper 223 Zero-Turn mower and there is pressure coming from the oil filler tube that pushes the dipstick out. Any ideas what this is?|||There is a breather flexible rubber hose from the engine that allows the crank case pressure to vent to the intake just after the air filter.

When the engine is running, as the pistons move up and down it creates pressure pulses inside the crank case.

That pressure needs to be vented. If the breather filter is plugged, the pressure pulses will try to vent to the next weakest point.

Check the breather tube for kinks or pinched and filter for obstructions.

If that seems OK, you may have a broken piston compression ring, or a hole in one of your pistons.

Are you able to remove the spark plugs and do a compression test on the cylinders?


The other posibility, is a blown head gasket.


Read this:

with 60 hours on it started blowing bluish smoke and ran thru a quart of oil in 10 mins. Called Warranty Repairs, as soon as the Tech came out he went right for the right side of the engine (right side looking from driver's seat)and pulled the plug out. Badly fouled. Head gasket blown. He replaced it and the 4 bolts. He told me this is a KNOWN issue with these particular engines. Told me Kohler used the wrong bolts and after heating and cooling the bolts on the right-hand side "stretch" and cause the gasket to fail. Also said Kohler had redesigned the head and eliminated 2 bolts, making the head almost impossible to torque down evenly onto the gasket.

I am livid. I know this engine had to reach unacceptable temperatures when it blew a quart of oil out, yet the Tech tried to reassure me by telling me there wouldn't be any other damage to the engine from the failed gasket and low/overheated oil.

Needless to say, I am now on the warpath and Kohler...


Does anyone know what "age in place backers" mean on a Kohler Shower Stall"?

Kohler has two models that are identical. But, one has age in place backers and is $60 more. I can not find anything about what this is. Can anyone help? Thanks!|||Age in place refers to handicap accessible options. See Sources for the link @ Kohler.|||Call Kohler and ask them or call a local plumbing company.

I need to know what an insulation blower with a 10 hp Kohler motor is worth?

My husband recently aquired an insulation blower with a 10 hp Kohler motor on it from a guy who used to be in the insulation business. It is fairly new and wasn't used much. It is in great condition. Where would I find out the value of such a thing?|||try ebay.com

How to determine age on old kohler cast iron tub?

My grandfather has had an old cast iron tub for years and we were wondering how to determine its age. on the bottom it says:



2 1

it's stamped:

D 8 22 17

92 87 198 (more but garbled)

thanks for looking|||Kohler

http://kohler.com/corp/about/contactus.h鈥?/a>|||have is appraised by an antique dealer.

I have a Kohler cimmaron toilet; won't flush, not enough water goes into toilet - anyone know why??

This is new toilet installation; when the handle is pushed to flush only small amount of water goes in bowl so toilet doesn't flush properly. If anyone has suggestions, would appreciate hearing them.|||Two things to check:

1) water level: sit on toilet backwards and on your left is a shaft that has a lever at top and a black cylinder on it. the cylinder has a c clip which you squeeze and move to adjust. The adjustment lines are on the piece to your right.

2) your flushing handle is attached to a chain and then attached to a flapper valve. when you pull on the handle the flapper valve needs to come up far enough that it floats. if not the suction of the water leaving the tank will pull it back down before it can properly flush. Adjust the chain.

Good luck!|||I am not familiar with your particular toilet. If it has a tank on top, take the cover off and you should see a water level adjustment. It may have a valve in the bottom of the tank where the water enters with a screw on top. Turn it clockwise to increase the water level. If it has a ball on a rod, you can bend the rod if it does not have an adjustment. Being a new toilet, I'm sure that the problem is simply that it need adjusting. Good luck.|||Did it work properly before? check to make sure the water to it is all the way on....low water pressure could be the problem or water deposits if it is very old.....

How do i check a kohler stator?

The stator is located Behind the flywheel you have to pull the flywheel to check it, [not a simple job]

to see if it,s working

put a spark plug in the wire lay it on the block head turn the motor over a few times if there is a blue spark it,s ok|||You can see if you have power going to it should be a positive and negative on it test for power there. If there is touch a screwdriver to both of them on starter (should be 2 nuts ) and see if you can hear the solenoid. If it works it should start with the screwdriver.

Craftsman 20 hp kohler garden tractor. Brand new starter and it spins but doesn't engage the motor...?

I had this brand new starter tested and shop says it is working fine... but when it is on the tractor it spins but the engine doesn't turn... ?? any ideas?|||if it is "whirring" over but not turning the engine over then 99% the ring gear on the flywheel has damaged teeth. If its a new starter was it not engaging properly before, coz this would mean the same - you could try turning the engine manually (with a screwdriver tip or summut) over just a fraction, then try starting it, coz it may then engage the teeth|||Maybe the starter Bendix isn't working properly. The little part on the starter shaft that comes out when the starter spins to engage the motor. They are easy to replace and cost less than $1 last time I bought one.

Hope this helps.|||When you hit the key, the spline gear on the starter should spin the gear on the engine. If this is happening, something else is wrong with the mower.

What do you think of the name Kohler?

For a boy.|||I love it, every kohler I know is good-looking and nice and funny, I really love the name x|||It's a last name with zero appeal as a first name, IMO. It sounds more like a brand name than a person...for some reason I'm thinking of water faucets. Just not good.

ETA: I was remembering right...Kohler is a company that makes bathroom fixtures (sinks, tubs, toilets, etc.) So a ton of people will see/hear his name and remember seeing it on a toilet.

Some better ideas with similar sounds:



Conrad (you can also spell this the German way, Konrad)

Casper (or Kaspar)


Christopher (or Kristof, Kristofer, etc. - there are a lot of foreign variations)

Calvin|||It is the company that makes toilets so I really don't think you should do that because the boy might get made fun of in school. I have heard of it as a last name, though.|||no offense, but the name and spelling only reminds me of the toilet brand. i'd just go with the more conservative "Cole" since you'd probably end up shortening Kohler to "Cole" anyway...|||Kohler is a brand of faucet. If my parents named me after the bathroom fixtures I would probably end up doing all the drugs as retalliation|||Sorry, but that name makes me think of plumbing fixtures. In case you're not familiar with it, it's a company that's been around for YEARS. Please, don't do that to a child.|||Makes me think of kohl eyeliner - - - not good for a boy.|||The Bolder Look of Kohler|||I'm not trying to be mean But the name doesn't sound good,

:)|||Tbh: I really dont like the name; it sounds like an appliance.|||OK, for a boy|||please do not name him kohler for his sake .|||nope sounds like the hardware


IGNITION WIRING DIAGRAM FOR A KOHLER COMMAND14ENGINE.CRAFTSMANRIDEING MOWER.ELECTRICAL SYSTEM IS FRIED.A SIMPLE WIRE TO RUN DIAGRAM WOULD BE GREAT.|||Go to http://www.kohlerengines.com/manuals/lan鈥?/a> You'll need to know the model number to find the repair manual which has the wiring diagram for the engine%26gt;|||SOLVED THE PROBLEM.THANX!TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED.

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|||switch to solinoid to starter motor battery to solinoid or just follow its wiring already and just replace everything as you go.

How to install drive belts on a craftsman 50" cut 24 HP kohler engine?

any sears service center can print you out a diagram for this process. its even possible to try reaching them on line and get it sent to your e-mail. they will need the model number of the mower not specific to the engine.|||call sears, get there sevice mechanic to come out.|||should be a diagram sticker on the mower deck unless some dummy peeled it off. if that's the case you your best bet is a mower shop

What is the opera piece that is playing in the Kohler commercial?

its the one where the contractor is taking a shower in the clients home can be found here


its under Kohler tv ads and called contractor please help|||I've looked for it several times and cannot find it. The one that shows up has the guy trying to clog the toilet so that he can call the pretty plumber.

I know the commercial you're asking about, but I don't recall which opera.

Is there a list for the commercials? I looked around with no luck.

EDIT: I did find it at last, but I don't recognize it unfortunately. I tried several searches but didn't come up with an answer. Perhaps I'll try again later now that I figured out how to get to the commercial. That's very tricky!

What do you think of Whistling Straights in Kohler Wisconsin, the latest stop on the PGA tour?

I'm partial but I think it's going to be a fantastic week (I live an hour away). The course looks great and the first round has all the best golfer's grouped within four strokes...your opinions?|||I think the course is spectacular, I live on a Pete Dye course, Oak Tree in Oklahoma.

I completely understand the awkward lies and stances that Whistling Straits provides as we get the same thing, just not quite as extreme.

The course is truly about risk and reward - The player that can manage his emotions and game for 4 days will come out on top|||Great. Wish be good luck. i do hope i will have chance to go there some day. as I am just a new golfer, and not familiar or not really good at it.

Looking for cheap golf clubs, go to www.cheap-golfclubs.com|||It's a beast, but a beautiful beast. The best thing about it is that you and I could play there as well unlike Augusta National.|||is Tiger there ?

Craftsman riding lawn mower with a kohler engine?

my moms riding lawnmower sat over the winter time and when i went to start it up last week it would crank all day long but not start and run has gas in tank getting gas to carburator... new battery didnt do trick either however there is no spark to the spark plug. i unscrewed it with it attached to plug wire and crank engine but there is no spark.. ive exhausted all my options on where to diagnose now.. any suggestions thanks|||You're going to have to ground the plug while you watch for a spark in the spark plug gap. Hold the threads of the plug against bare metal on the engine while you crank it over.|||You have a coil and a set of points or a module you have to have the coil tested then you know if it is the module . If you have a set of points just give their faces a good clean with very fine emery paper.|||I had a mower that had the same problem. I had to pull the flywheel off and use steel wool on the magnet that is embedded in it. It had gotten rust on it and it wouldn't fire the plug. It had a magneto system, I don't know if yours is the same or not. But after I did that and put it back together, it ran fine.

Craftsman rider mower GT3000 w/20hp Kohler engine is running slow up hill?

My rider is starting to have a hard time making it up hills in my backyard. It use to have no problem but in the last couple of years it seems to have a harder time. Any idea as to what I should check or fix? Thanks all!|||The most common problem is the drive belt being worn and slipping. Does the engine rpm stay the same and the tractor slows down or does the rpm drop like the engine is lacking power? If the engine is slowing down and lacking power I would say that it needs a tune up and maybe the carburetor cleaned. That would be air and fuel filters, spark plugs, valve adjustment, oil and filter change. I would first look at the drive belt. Also if it is an automatic transmission there is a purging process in the owner's manual.|||Don't know which mower you have but could be a loose ,stretched belt or if it has a rubber wheel disc drive the wheel has to be replaced. Looks like a record player if wheel in center most position fast, outside position slow. They wear down in size. Hope this helps

I have the 48x 34 inch kohler shower with built in seat and was looking for info about the fit of shower?

Walls do the shower walls fit the shower seated unit and can I cut them so the window will work or will chipping happen or will side walls work and also use tile for the back what do you suggest|||If you cut it it will lose it's integrity and there will be a weak spot. Plus it will have to be resealed against water leakage.

If a piston for a kohler engine is an oversize piston, is that stamped on the face of the piston?

yes more then likley it will have the oversized stamped on teh piston in .010 .020 etc|||really the only way to know whould have it mic to know what size it it most of the time you can re ring three times before boring and many times three times boring it all most motors will take...so have it measured you will know for sure... any good auto parts and shop should have the tool

Why isn't Maximilian Kohler shown on the movie Angels and Demons?

I viewed the full cast and crew of the movie on IMDB but I didn't see his name, on other movie review sites too. Is he in the movie? If not, why is he not shown?|||Wow, I just looked it up in IMDB and you're right.

The move is not an exact re-creation of the novel. The screenwriters/director/production team chose not to include him.

It is common for them to do this sort of thing a famous recent example is eliminating Tom Bombadil from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He was perhaps the 4th most popular character in the trilogy, but he was not in the movie

Perhaps it is because the legal team wanted to eliminate the possibility of litigation, It is one thing to say there were some scientists that worked at CERN, but anoother to say the Director of CERN

or it may be because he simply didn't fit.|||I first looked on IMDB too -- and I couldn't find him! I wanted to know what actor they could ever find to play that character. Kohler was a great distracting character and I wish they had kept him for the movie. Ah, Hollywood. Can't live with 'em; can't live without 'em.

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How do i change the oil in a wheel horse 312-8 with a kohler 12 hp? Where is the drain plug?

Try this link, go to customer care and put in model and serial number. If that doesn't work try email or locate a dealer.

Hope it helps.|||Get in touch with the wheel horse company.they will send you a manual for the tractor free of charge

What type of Kohler generator is installed in a 2004 Carver 360 Mariner boat?

The standard factory installed generator in a 360 Mariner is a Kohler 7.3 kW gasoline generator.

OPTIONAL generators for the 360 are:

Kohler 5.0 kW diesel generator

Westerbeke 5.0 kW diesel generator

Westerbeke 7.6 kW diesel generator



What type of Kohler generator is installed in a 2004 Carver 360 Mariner boat?

The standard factory installed generator in a 360 Mariner is a Kohler 7.3 kW gasoline generator.

OPTIONAL generators for the 360 are:

Kohler 5.0 kW diesel generator

Westerbeke 5.0 kW diesel generator

Westerbeke 7.6 kW diesel generator


***|||That would be dependent on the option chosen by the original owner. Although there also could have been an after market modification.

Is the Kohler quality the same at big box stores as at retail stores?

yes it is the same quality no matter where you buy it *have a nice day*

Kohler one handle shower/tub faucet - how to change water temperature?

I just moved into a new home that has one of these single handle shower/tub faucet, but everytime I use it, I only get really hot water. Behind the single handle is a strange stainless steel cone that you can adjust as you would a screw (left loose, right tight), but it does nothing either. And the handle seems to only control the pressure but not the temperature...

Does anyone know how to control the water temperature on these tub faucets?|||Have you tried turning knob to right in one direction bec temperature should adjust toward your comfort level...where turning knob back the other way might turn water off.

Otherwise recommend going to KOHLER website bec Kohler is high quality plumbing manufacturer and even should have 1-800 Customer Service telephone number to walk you through steps...

Hope the Above Info Helps!|||If it is actually an adjustable valve, you need to remove the cover plate and look inside for an adjusting lever. It is small but easily seen. You can also go to the Kohler website. just type in kohler.com and find your model.

For a new bathtub, American Standard or Kohler?

Have been shopping at Home Depot and Lowes for a new standard white alcove bathtub. Lowes sells American Standard americast porcelain tub. Home Depot seems to have more Kohler, which are either acrylic or cast iron. I wonder if the cast iron is very heavy and if it is harder to install. Anyone know anything about bathtubs??|||They are practically equal. I install both frequently and they are the choice of custom home builders/owners. Neither scratches easily and both will last for many years. I have never seen any case of a porcelain tub warping or cracking tile.

If I had to choose, I would go with the Kohler. I've installed more of them and never heard any complaints. (Never heard anything bad about the American Standard tho either.)

A standard size Kohler cast iron tub weighs 330 lbs. w/crate. We carried one up 2 flights of stairs last week. The porcelain is heavier.|||As you have narrowed your selection down to two of the best manufacturers, I believe you can let desired features make the choice. If they both provide the features you desire, let price make the decision for you.|||There are not many practical reasons for installing cast iron tubs anymore, the new materials are very durable, however, I can't attest to the Americasts quality, and the Kohler has always been overpriced. For someone who has never installed a cast iron tub, it could be a nightmare. I would look for another alternative.|||Cast iron is heavy but there are good things that come with that. They keep the water warmer longer and do not flex like acrylic tubs do. If you do go acrylic, make sure you use a mortarbed under it. The acrylic flexs and this tears the caulking from the wall. It also can cause cracking. I like American Standard products but have heard a lot of bad things about the Americast tubs. One of the main concerns is the finish going bad in less time than it should. Ask if it is "actually" cast iron as I have heard it isn't. Good luck.|||Kohler has a good track record regarding the environment.

We've been looking to install a new tub or spa, and I found the information listed below:

"Drop-in tubs are made of lightweight acrylic or fiberglass-reinforced plastic--these are susceptible to scratching and dulling--or of enameled cast iron, which may require structural reinforcement."

Good luck.|||I either go with a one piece fiberglas unit that includes the walls or a cast iron tub. Forget that Americast crap. That's a steel tub with plastic baffling.

Ihave a 27 hp kohler engine and it seems to loose power when mowing?

When iam mowing it sems to loose power like a cylinder is dropping I shut it off it starts back up and will run fine for awile and then the problem comes back|||Ignition coils break down when they get hot and work when cooled. Next time you lose power check the spark on both cylinders. If one is dead you may have a bad coil.|||You may have dirt/debris in the gas tank, or the fuel filter.

The spark plug might be dirty. Remove the spark-plug, and clean the bottom of it with a wire brush.

Change the oil.

How old is a Kohler & Campbell piano with the serial number 150281?

It is a New York|||1913 According to the Pierce Piano Atlas

I want to know the value of my kohler and campbell piano cerial #682008?

Find it on :

http://www.uk-piano.org/piano-gen/valuat鈥?/a>|||It's worth however much you can convince someone to give you for it.

...I need information on a 1957 Walker golf cart with a 7hp Kohler gas engine.?

what info and for what do you need BRAD

What is the opera aria in the Kohler shower commercial?

This is the one, at the link below, where the contractor is taking a shower in the homeowners鈥?new shower.

http://www.kohler.com/video/index.jsp?bc鈥?/a>|||Sorry I can't be of more help; but looks like your question may be unanswered, so thought I would help you in at least this small way.

I'm a Wagnerian buff(German opera-?), and not overly familiar with the type heard in your link. It sounds Italian to me, and may be by G. Verdi(as in the below link), Donezetti, Belli or some of the other composers of this ethnic.

Take a listen, and maybe it will suggest other avenues to search:


Good luck,


Anyone ever been to the American Club in Kohler, WI?

I see that it's super expensive and was wondering if it was worth it.

Thanks.|||It's beautiful...one of the only 5 diamond resorts in the midwest; "worth it" is all relative compared to what you have to spend, though, isn't it?

All rooms are very nicely appointed, all have whirlpool tubs, but the more $$$ the room, the nicer the bathrooms (some have HUUUUGE whirlpool tubs) Several nice restaurants (Immigrant Room-formal, Wisconsin Room-casual, Horse%26amp;Plow-pub style, a little ice cream place tucked in the courtyard of the main building)

Just down the road are the Blackwolf Run golf courses and River Wildlife (semi-private hunting preserve)..a few miles away are the Irish and Whistling Straits courses that have hosted/are hosting premier PGA tour events.

The village of Kohler itself has some neat shopping, the Kohler Company Design center (think every whirlpool, shower, sink, toilet, you could ever imagine, all on display), the Kohler Company does tours of the manufacturing plant, sports Core Health Club (owned by Kohler Co) is right down the road, "Waters Spa", etc, etc,

Very nice place...depending on what you are going there to do, you can save some money by avoiding the golfing season and going during the fall or winter...or midweek.

P.S. There is another hotel about 1 mile away called The Inn on Woodlake that features unique Kohler shower units in all rooms...it's a less expensive and you still can utilze all the resort amenities such as the Sports Core that you get when you stay the A.C.... I've stayed there when on business as it's a little less of a hit to the 'ole expense account...here's a link;


Lawn mower with Kohler 23hp engine quits with gas still in tank?

I have a Ariens 48" zero turn lawn mower with a Kohler 23cv engine. I have replaced the air cleaner, spark plug, fuel filter, and fuel pump and no change. When mower quits there is still gas in the tank. I fill the tank to the top and it runs fine again, but it still won't run through a full tank of gas at one time. Any suggestions!!|||I am guessing that the engine quits with the same amount of fuel in the tank each time. The fuel pick up line in the tank is above the bottom and won't drain the tank completely. When it quits and you refuel does it start right back up? If so, you are just running out of gas. If it quits with different levels of fuel in the tank I would look at the filter and the fuel pump. If it quits and doesn't start right back up when you put fuel in it, you should also check the ignition. Coils will fail when they get hot and work when cooled down. It is easy to check for spark at the plugs.|||How much fuel is still in the tank when it quits?

If you only see 1/4 to 1/2 inch, that may be below the fuel pick up tube. You may just have to shut down and fill the tank more often.|||When the engine quits, check for spark at the spark plugs. If no spark; could be the coil or ignition module.|||I may be crazy, but not quite as crazy as the other few.

Sticky valve. Just needs that extra pressure.

Drain. Clean. Repeat.|||check the carter key under the pull cord pull off pully to get to pointson side shaft has a key half moon

Where do i find a service manual for a kohler k-301?

The k-301 can be found here: http://www.faucetdirect.com/search.cfm?t鈥?/a>|||Is this of any help ?


Anyone know where I can find a 1 pc Kohler Memoirs toilet with the INGENIUM flushing system, not CLASS FIVE?

It's discontinued, but someone has to have old stock somewhere! I've been going crazy trying to find it!!! Any help would really be appreciated... thanks!|||http://www.nextag.com/kohler-memoirs-ING鈥?/a>

Does anyone know how to get to the four bolts on a Kohler 7000 (starter) generator model number K582EP?

I tried looking online and I couldn't find anything. Any help would be appreciated|||call a John Deere dealership and ask to speak to the parts manager and he will order them for ya.|||FDFDF|||Most parts stores carry an assortment of bolts ( SAE and Metric). If you have a sample, or know the specs. they can match it up for you. Try NAPA, Auto Zone, Etc.

Gas small engine Kohler 25hp is not getting gas to fuel filter what could be the problem?

the line is plugged with something or the fuel pump in the carb is bad.|||Probably the fuel pump has failed,put a Gage on it and crank the motor or take the fuel line off before the filter and see if there is any flow. Keep in mind that a fuel pump can pump a little but this doesn't mean it can force fuel through the filter. Hey is this a new filter? a plugged filter can also be the problem.|||bad pump or clogged line|||Sounds to me like it's either a vacuum leak, a collapsed fuel line or a carburetor problem.

The carb problem would likely be a stuck float, the other causes should be pretty easy to troubleshoot.|||sludge or gunk in the line, pinched line, before the filter or gas cap vent hole plugged creating a vaccum I'm assuming

1992 14hp kohler tractor eng runs perfect for 15 min, then dies. After an hr, starts & runs 15 min, what's up?

I am going to take a shot here. It could be the ignition module. On my kohler, it would run ok and than when I shut it off it wouldn't start again for at least an hour. I checked the spark when it wouldn't start and of course there wasn't any. When it cooled there was spark and it would start. If you replace the module look around on the internet. There is a huge difference in price. I think that Pat's small engine was the best price. They run as high as $118.00. Pat's had one for $49 plus shipping.|||Although it could be an electronic component overheateing, it could also be a lube problem or bad bearing. When a worn bearing gets hot, it expands and causes the engine to bind up.|||check to make sure that the vent in the gas cap is open. in order for gas to come out of the tank air has to be let in or it causes a vacuum.|||Bad coil. Kohler engines are known to have this problem.

Good luck.|||fuel filter

Rough in distance for old Kohler Rialto?

I have to replace one this weekend and need to buy the replacement first. Does anyone recall the rough in for the old (1970's) super quiet, one piece Rialto toilets from Kohler. Standard 12"? Or something oddball?|||The standard rough-in is 12" but can be 10" 0r 14". To check the existing without removing it, measure from the wall to the center of the closet bolts. Allow for the thickness of sheetrock,tile and baseboard as rough-in is measured from the studs.|||Sorry Bob, It is measured from FINISHED wall, that makes it 12 1/2" from the studs if 1/2" drywall is used. 40 yrs huh?

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|||12" is standard as for as long as I can remember. From finished wall surface that is, but if you are off up to an inch either way, you SHOULD be fine (not totally fine for certain)

How do you record a song on Kohler Digital pianos?

I have a Kohler piano, but i cant figure out how to record songs. please help!

(I dont know what kind of piano it is... i just know it's Kohler. )|||You can try here for more help with that.


How to repair a kohler 15.5ohv motor?

I have a craftsman mower that has a Kohler 15.5 ohv that doesnt run and i need a how to repair manual. Anyone know where I can get a online copy that I dont have to purchase?|||Go to http://www.kohlerplus.com and click the "Enter As a Guest" button. You need to know what the model of the engine is and click on the family of engine, then you click on your model, and you can get the service and owners manuals in PDF form from there.|||It is not only sear's that doesn't provide repair manuals. In fact I don't know of any that provide more than an owner's manual and that is a far cry from a repair manual. You don't describe the problem with the Kohler motor. If you let us know what it is or isn't doing maybe someone can help you.|||Uh, oh, you said it there, Craftsman. Sears doesn't let anyone slide, you have to buy their manual for that particular mower. What a pity. Everyone else gives an online manual for free.

I have a craftsman riding mower with a 25 kohler engine lots of smoke coming from the front not low on oil why?

oil catcher that sets on side of motor and goes into the carb. throws oil into the carb just fills the breather filter with oil dumps all down the front just when the engine gets hot.its a 08 5000 craftsman and also the mower runs great mowes good I just got it on a trade in I have spent a few 100 on it already NEED HELP !|||sounds like the valves are sticking, this cause the oil to come out the carb.take the valve covers off and turn the motor by hand, see if they all move.should be 4 springs with a push rod. 2 on each side, make sure they all go in and out. u can check compression first to see if they are sticking.|||Also check that the oil cap is on tight, because if the oil cap isn't on tight, it allows air into the crankcase and will pressurize the crankcase causing it to throw oil out.|||b4 u look at the valves, be sure you haven't overfilled the crankcase

Got a problem with Kohler 27 hp engine?

I have a Cub Cadet lawn mower. It set up about a year before I had to use it. Put new gass in it and it ran fine for less then an hour I got off to move a limb out of the way on my way back I noticed that the left front tire was smoking so I ran and shut off the engine and it has not ran since.|||If the tire was smoking, it's not likely to be the engine.

Check the wheel bearing. It can overheat if it's binding.

Has anyone ever heard of a Kohler sewing machine?

Note:this is NOT from that Wisconsin city that's home to Kohler lawnmower engines and bathroom fixtures...

All that I know is that it was an obscure German brand...does anyone have more info on this, like how long was this sewing machine maker in existence?...

Thanks for any help you may have...|||http://www.sewmuse.co.uk/dietrich.htm|||Hey there, Tahoeman,

Thanks for the vote!

You've really this sewing machine fanatic very happy!

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How did Kohler and Tolman lay the foundation for the cognitive approach in psychology? ?

I thought that it was Pavlov.|||Pavolv was a behaviorist to the core. Kohler was Gestalt and studied problem solving way before the cognitive revolution. He was very interested in insight as well. Tolman studied rat learning but made the shocking claim (at least at the time) that the rats were forming cognitive maps.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where can i find a kohler dealer near hamilton on?

am looking for a new toilet|||Premier KOHLER Showrooms (Key Products on Display)

11 miles






Registered Showrooms

4.5 miles





8.5 miles





16 miles





21 miles





21 miles






22 miles





23 miles





Any Home Depot, as well|||Try using Google Search, type in "Kohler toilets". You will have many sources to choose from, pick the one that works best for your situation.

I have no hot water coming through my dual handle Kohler faucet. The cold water is also a little slow.?

This faucet is only 4yrs old and the plumbing is all new. The valves are all open and no frozen pipes. This is a compression type faucet and the washer does not look worn. Any insight as to what could be wrong?|||1,. Start at the beginning

2. Go to your hot water heater-Is the water hot?

3. If the water is hot, go to the kitchen and turn off the cold and hot water and take the Kohler faucet apart and check for blocks. It must/should work.|||Where do you live? The thing to check are all the other faucets in the house. Does the shower and tub run like it should or is it slow too? Does the toilet fill up as fast as it should? How cold is the water in the toilet tank? Open the doors on the vanity or under sink and allow the warm room air to circulate into the space. Feel the pipes, are they real cold? If so maybe turn a hairdryer on them for a while.

At night leave the cabinet doors open.

Is it possible to use a Mohen shower valve [or any other brand] with Kohler fixtures?? I have trim, w/o valve!

No, I don't think so. When I've replaced valves in my plumbing fixtures the guys at the plumbing specialty shop look very closely at the old valve to make sure I've got the right one to put in.

There might be another after market valve you can use other than Koehler that's been designed to fit though.

I don't know what to tell you if you don't have an old valve to take in or a model number.

Anyone know where I can find a 1 pc Kohler Memoirs toilet with the INGENIUM flushing system, not CLASS FIVE?

It's discontinued, but someone has to have old stock somewhere! I've been going crazy trying to find it!!! Any help would really be appreciated... thanks!|||Hi we are an official distributor for Kohler products in Malaysia, please do drop by our showroom if you can, thanks

Tel: +603 79603388

My 1810 cub cadet riding mower 18 horse kohler is sputtering off and on like its not getting enough fuel.?

I have cleaned the carb. and checked the gas filter.Sometimes it runs great then it has a time when it barely runs. Espcecially when you engage the blades. After awhile it will begin to run correct again.|||check the air filter and the spark plug

Problem with installing new toilet seat on Kohler K-3386-DA?

We broke the toilet seat on a K-3386-DA

RIALTO庐 LITE 1-PC TOILET W/SEAT and we have no clue how to change the toilet seat. there doesn't appear to be any screws on the bottom whatsoever. Does anyone have any experience with this specific model?|||Yes , Kohler makes a bolt set to install that seat . It works simmilar to a plastic anchor in a wall


Is your kohler archer bathtub comfortable -is it 5 or 6 ft long?

They make a variety of sizes. Just seach their site for your needs. Most bathtubs are comfortable but depends on your height, etc.

What is the song for the Kohler Flipside Handshower commercial?

I see the commercial lots, and I really want the song, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.... does it just not exist?

It goes, "I want you, and everything that you do, do. It's obvious that I like you, I'd go anywhere to be near you. You say flip it over and replay, we'll make everything okay. Walk together the right way, doo doo doo doo."

video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl29gGr4yLk|||I was looking for it myself. searched high and low...nothing. which makes me think it was probably composed for the ad...meaning it's not a real song. too bad. it sounded great.|||Well I found this, still looking for a way to buy it.


Or just straight to it


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|||Ben, THANK YOU!!!!

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|||Sounds like Shiney Toy Guns to me. Jack

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|||The song is "I know it ain't cool".

The artist is Carolyn Lost.

It was done with some commercial music agency types.

She has the entire song for streaming or purchase on MySpace

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|||The song is called I Know It Ain't Cool by Caroline %26amp; the Dust. You can download it for free on her website: www.carolinelost.com


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I actually contacted Kohler and a very nice CEO gave me this link. When you get there, look for the-- Get the music link-- it's in orange, top right of the page. Now please be sure to open this on your desktop then down load it. :) !

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Want to buy a Kohler Showerhead, it is a 5/8 inch connection, my current shower is 1/2 inch?

I've never even heard of a 5/8 inch shower connector, is there an adapter? Please provide links|||try to put it on.im pretty sure it will fit.1/2 thread pipe is 5/8 in diamitor.|||yeh

Is Kohler class six a good toilet?

I have recently bought a Kohler k-11451-0 class six toilet which uses 1.28gpf. I want to know if it has a good flushing capability and if it is a good overall toilet?|||really my honest opinion is that Vitra brand toilets are the best on the market

they havea glazed p-trap which keeps from backing up

you culd look into them if you want. they are a 1.6 gpf and they are very quiet i have one at work and have about 40+ people use it daily and in the last 5 years i havent had one bit of problems with it.|||What is the difference, you are stuck with it now. I bought a Glacier Bay for $140 and it will eat a tennis ball,

Plumbing Question. All of our fittings are Kohler brand. Do I HAVE to install Kohler fixtures??

I have been told we have to use all Kohler brand fixtures in the house we are building because when the "rough" plumbing was installed, they used Kohler valves. Is this true? Is there some way the fittings can be universal and we can purchase say, a Fontaine brand faucet even thought the plumbing out of the wall is Kohler brand? HELP!|||First I will state that I am a licensed plumber. Hope that's not a shock to some of you yahooers to see a lowly plumber here on the boards....Anyway, now that's out of the way i shall continue....

They way you have your terms set you seem a bit confused in regards to your plumbing fixtures. You mentioned the "rough in" plumbing but you never mentioned what "rough in". Was it a 1st rough, 2nd rough, 3rd rough or final rough? These matter to help answer your question. Typically, with the 1st rough the only plumbing that is being done is underground work in the basement, etc for your house's drainage. The 2nd rough brings the drainage piping up out of the basement floor and to the approximate locations of where fixtures and where kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc should be in the house. The 2nd rough is done completed before any fixtures are set. Once the 2nd rough is completed then the plumber doesn't return to the house until the house is nearly finished. This becomes the 3rd rough, where the plumber sets bathtubs and pipes the drain lines to the exact location of sinks, toilets and tubs. Once that is complete the plumber leaves and other contractors complete their work. The plumber then comes back for the final rough. In this final rough is when the fixtures are installed. when i say fixtures, i mean sink bowls, vanities, toilets, etc.

So what i'm trying to tell you, as long as the plumber hasn't completed the final rough of the house, you can change whatever sink, faucet or toilet you like (there are some exceptions to this, but those exceptions are minimal) for the most part you are not limited to just one manufacturer like Kohler If the building subcontractor gives you a hard time, just say that you know better because you spoke with a reputable outside plumber who steered you in the right direction.

On another professional note, I would highly recommend Kohler to you. They make a very nice and very durable/lasting product line. They are American made products which means when it does come time to repair a faucet or toilet that parts are readily available to fix it. I can't tell you the number of times i've shown up at someones house to fix a faucet or toilet and it was some German made one. People tend to get mad when you tell them that since its foreign that parts have to be ordered and it'll take a week or 2 for parts to come it. So once again, Kohler makes a great product line.....so does Moen. So that's something to think about.

As far as those talking about going to Home Depot or somewhere similar, you should really do your homework first. Home Depot and places like that have zero knowledge of specialized fields like plumbing.....again ZERO! FYI, it takes 4 years of plumbing trade school to even apply to take the state exam, 4 years that bozo's at home depot don't have to take to claim they know what they're talking about....anyway, and from professional experience, call around to your local plumbing supply stores (places that only deal in plumbing parts). Usually they have showrooms 2 times the size of what home depot or lowes has anyway, they're more designed to accomodate what you're looking for.....and here's the shock that no one knows.....they're cheaper 90% of the time (the only time they aren't really is if you want some foreign made fixtures).

Well sorry for the long rant, hope my 2 cents helps.

Good luck|||who told you that? plumbing fittings are standard so you dont have to buy a new sink when all you need is a new faucet..My suggestion is to drop by your local home depot and take a look for yourself.|||go to your local plumbing shop and ask them, not the folks here.|||Sounds like your plumber is trying to sell you top of the line fixtures, so his cut will be that much more. He's feeding you a line of bullsh*t. All fittings(at least in the U.S.) are universal.

The only thing you have to take in to consideration is the size of your faucets, so they fit your sink. They usually come 4", 6" or 8" on center.|||My exe and dad are plumbers, but I'm not sure. It might be as you say, but I doubt it is a concrete rule. I don't know what it would cost to convert. Call a plumbing supply or plumbing service. They both hate Kohler because they are such pains in the butt to repair... Now what he might be saying is that in the rough out, the measurements were done for Kohler brand stuff, so that might be the deal.|||No, you don't. We just had new fixtures put on two of our sinks, replacing the Kohler with some I liked better. :)|||You can buy any brand you want, it is all standard. As mentioned faucets have different centers but there is a wide selection in all sizes by many manufactures. I would not use the plumber who said you HAD to use Kohler. If he is not trustworthy.

42 inch cut riding mower, John Deere with B&S or Cub Cadet with Kohler?

I'm planning on buying a brand new riding lawn mower but im thinking about a JD or CC. The only thing that's turning me away from CC is that Ive read somewhere that Kohler has been having problems with their lifters.|||buy what you are most comfortable with|||Well I mean John Deere's are the standard by which all others are measured.... if you have the money for a Deere, Id highly recommend that you get a deere! "Nothing runs like a deere".

Briggs and Stratton has been around forever and are quality engines... I too have heard of problems with Kohler motors, especially the hydrostatic ones. Cub Cadet has a great Zero-Turn mower, but Id go with a Deere for a ride on lawn tractor.|||My Dad has the JD and I have CC 2500 shaft drive. The only problem I've had out of the cub is the plastic hood broke off after about 20 hours...The Kohler in my cub runs well, but I only have about 60 hours on it. No problems out of the JD that I've heard of.

What is the difference between a walker mower and a scag cougar. they are both 48" and 20 hp kohler but iwas w?

wondering which is better for leaf cleanup like sucking up the leaves? walkers are a lot of money and this one scag i found is 3000 $ in working order. will the scag do the same job on leaves as the walker will do? THanks|||Walkers are more versatile than a scag. Walkers can maneuver through a yard with grace and ease. They are lighter, quicker and can turn on a dime. They are easier to maintain and fix. IMO I would choose a walker.

Does anybody know the aftermarket part number for a kohler engine part details below?

I dont know what type of engine it is but what i was looking for was the piston connecting rod which is stamped with the serial number 47-059-06?

So please if you have any info on the part please tell!!!!!!!|||Call a company called PRUITT in Omaha, NE 1 - 402 - 556 - 1610 they are really good and can help you

How long will my Kohler 12RES generator run on 100lbs of LP?

I am running at about 50% load, and I don't want to run out before power is restored since this is running my sump pump, keeping my basement from flooding...|||Propane is less efficient than gasoline. I'm not sure how much it will burn.

I do know this. Air cooled engines aren't made to run constantly, 24/7. If your engine is air cooled, change the oil after 100 hours.|||100 lbs is roughly 23 gallons. If that 12 means it's a 12kw running, and you are running it at 6kw load, you can expect it to last *about* 2 days. Depending on the actual load, efficiency of the engine, etc.

Your generators manual should have a fuel burn map in it.

What type/weight oil should I use in my 34 year old Kohler K301a?

I have been using Pennsoil SAE 10W-40, the 10w 30 seemed too thin.|||i have a 27 yr old Toro and the book says straight 30 wt|||I would say stick with 10w-40 because that is mid grade.

:-)|||Please do not use a multi-viscosity oil in a small engine! It is not designed to hold up to the increased temperature that small engines produce. So many people have been in my shop over the years with failed engines due to 10W-30 and 10W-40 oils that failed to lubricate properly, and factory warranty will not cover this type "customer abuse". Stick to the manufacturer recommendations, use a good 30W oil. It can stand the pressures of small engine life.

What can i do to my 12hp kohler engine (K301) to make it have more power/torque?

This engine is currently in a Cub Cadet 125 hydro-stat rider mower. Its rated at 12hp but i need a little more horses working for me, or at least some more torque. How do i do this? any help is much appreciated.|||There isn't much that you can do except keep it tuned up and maintained. I guess that you could put a smaller pulley on the front or a larger pulley on the rear. But that small engine will always be the same. Why not go for a larger engine? Bypassing the governor will lead to quick engine failure.|||Unless you want to race the thing (yes, they do this) best to leave it alone.

If you feel the need to embrace the inner Tim Allen in you....

Maybe check and see if your throttle is opening all the way (check the cable adjustment.)

There might also be a governor you could bypass...

How can I clean/freshen up my Kohler "brass" faucet?

It looks corroded. I am not absolutely positive that it's brass (probably not). Thanks.|||Nevr-dull wadding polish works unbelievably well, isn't messy, is inexpensive, and keeps almost forever in a sealed can. Here's a link to a can for five bucks but you can buy it in many hardware stores:

http://www.properautocare.com/nevrdull.h鈥?/a>|||Ah yes, brass.

It is probably not real brass but a coating.

It looks pitted right? Brown spots?

I never seems to get them clean and this is why I do not buy brass faucets anymore.

I get the brushed chrome look. Ours so far lasted many more years then the brass.

If you have the box, or receipt, most have a warranty on it. It can range from 1yr or 5yr manufacture warranty.

If you bought it from Home Depot or Lowe's, they may actually even take it back and exchange it.

:-)|||i used to work for lowes call kohler they have a llt warranty fashion/function they might replace for you.....

How well do Pegasus brand kitchen faucets perform compared to moen, kohler, etc?

also, any problems with installation?|||From personal experience, my husband and I bought an old house that has been partially renovated. All the sinks were recently replaced with Pegasus fixtures and sinks. But, all the showers still had older Moen fixtures in them. The faucet in the kitchen sink has already broken twice - and currently, it's beyond repair and needs to be replaced. We've never had a problem with the old Moen faucets, in this house and in other houses we have renovated.

I haven't completely sworn off Pegasus faucets, because they have a good reputation, and they are generally comparable to Moen and Kohler in looks and price. If it were up to me, I would probably buy either a Moen or Pegasus and most of my decision would be based on the price and looks of the faucet, since both products are outstanding.|||Moen is the best. All other brands have provided me with untold strife over the years and wasted coin. Moen costs a little more at time of purchase but then it gives you years of operation with little to no hassle.|||Most faucets "perform" well, for a period of time. I like being able to get parts if a failure happens. Moen offers lifetime parts replacement. Kohler has a good warranty also. Much of the quality comes from sturdy materials used when making the product. One such thing is "plastic" chrome coatings that wear off or dull in short time. Solid brass bodies are another.

To test spark on a Kohler command twin engine what is the minimum rpm?

Straight from Kohler website. Hope this helps. RPM 550-600 rpm.

Test for spark.

1. With the engine stopped, disconnect one spark

plug lead. Connect the spark plug lead to post

terminal of spark tester (see Section 2), and

attach tester clip to a good engine ground.

NOTE: If two testers are available, testing can be

performed simultaneously for both cylinders.

However, if only one tester is available, two

individual tests must be performed. The side

not being tested must have the spark plug

lead connected or grounded. Do not crank

the engine or perform tests with one spark

plug lead disconnected and not grounded or

permanent system damage may occur.

2. Crank the engine over, establishing a minimum of

550-600 RPM, and observe tester(s) for spark.

3. On a twin cylinder engine, repeat the spark test

on the opposite cylinder if cylinders are being

tested individually.|||if your looking to test for spark ,just the rpm from the electric starter is good

How do I remove the faucet handle & bonnet from Kohler facuet model 15593-P-CP?

I just finished installing a new faucet a friend gave me, and in the instructions it states that after installing I can adjust the water pressure by first removing the faucet handle %26amp; bonnet; but, I don;t think it is possible, (the picture w/instructions is a different look then what was in the box...) |||Hi, the bonnet should be removable by hand. First pop off the blue and red cap, then take out the screw and remove the handle. The bonnet should then be removable by hand. Then you can adjust the limit of the handle range, thus limiting the temperature. Also, if you get stuck, Kohler has excellent technical service at 1-800-4-KOHLER.|||According to Kohler you can adjust the maximum water TEMPERATURE!

Instructions below:

I have a Kohler Acrylic bathroom knob that has broken. Need to find one or name of other brand that will subs?

This would apply to plumbing but thought someone might help me.|||You can probably buy a replacement from Kohler.


It it is really old (like you live in a historic home), your area may have a hardware store that specializes in legacy plumbing supplies. There are also websites that specialize in older replacement hardware.|||Go to their website. Click on the link below.


What are the major differences, besides hp, of the Kohler CS4 and CS6?

I am attempting to replace the motor on my rototiller and can get a CS6 for much cheaper than the CS4. I was already told it will bolt of to my frame just fine, but my worry is if there is enough weight difference to make my tiller top heavy.|||As long as you plan to till on flat ground, it should be no problem. If you are going on a hillside, it may make it pull down the slope a bit more than normal. Also, depending on how your tiller is set up, you may not be able to do a one-handed thing like you can with a Troybilt.|||Thanks! I went with the CS6 and it seems to be just perfect. A little more power than I'm used to on this tiller but it works well.

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|||try calling the tiller manufacturer - if they're still around

Have you read the book Cracks by Sheila Kohler or seen the movie with Eva Green?

Could you please tell me what happened to Fiamma, and give me a plot synopsis in as much detail as possible? I borrowed this book from my friend but had to give it back before I was finished. Thank you!|||I saw the movie, and from what i hear, the details differ from the book

I suggest u borrow/buy the book OR see the movie

But heres the spoilers:

Im not sure up to which point u read up to. Im assuming u were at least up to the part where Miss G becomes fascinated and dangerously obsessed with fiamma. Miss G tries very hard to befriend fiamma but fails. She soon realized fiamma embodies who shes been wanting to be instead of her reality, pretending to be worldly. Fiamma slowly and subtly uncovers the persona Miss G has created in the school is fabrication which drives Miss G mad. There was a point where Fiamma becomes accepted by the other girls and they decide to have a dorm party called the Midnight Feast and dress up as characters. I think this idea was Fiammas from one of the books shes read. Miss G gives for them permission to party and eat all night (against the rules) At one point in the night Fiamma drinks much wine and passes out and drops the bottle making a loud sound. Miss G comes to check on them and sees Fiamma's state. She takes Fiamma to her bedroom and tells the girls to clean their dormitory. And the turning point: Miss G cant help herself because her brain cracked and unfortunately violates poor Fiamma while shes passed out. Di happens to peek through the doors to see Miss G kissing Fiamma. I think in the movie, Di mistakenly thinks they are having a love affair. The next day Fiamma threatens to tell the headmaster about wat Miss G did to her. In the movie they show Miss G following Fiamma, tryna ask her to not tell. The other grls see from afar how Miss G is upset and Fiamma running away from the area. Miss G tells Di that fiamma will tell lies about her and get her fired...im not sure why but i thnk that Di still wants to help Miss G. Di rounds up the girls, finds fiamma in the woods and they all begin to beat her. Fiamma says she didnt want those advances from Miss G but to no avail they still beat her (Fuzzy was in protest) At one point Di rips Fiammas inhaler from her neck and throws it on the ground. Fiamma too is on the ground wheezing heavily and then the grls realize something is wrong. They send for help and of course Miss G comes to Fiammas side....they are alone at this point. In the following events, Im sure the book is different from the movie but from my google searches im not sure how different (the book is more horrid apparently) But in the movie Miss G purposely fails to give Fiamma her inhaler and lets her die in her arms. Miss G was all creepy about it too, by kissing the dying grls head and whispering u "werent meant for this world" or some mumbo jumbo. And then she lays fiammas head back down to the ground from her lap and strategically puts the inhaler into fiammas dead hands...and Di sees this from afar, shocked, and Miss G then sees her too....(in the movie this scene was great acting) and by then the other teachers have ran to the scene to help fiamma. So fast forward Di tells the grls about Miss G murdering fiamma and they decide to tell the headmistress. On their way they took a detour to Miss G's room. THey all take their red sashes off and leave them at Miss G's feet. (in the movie they were worn on the waist of the grls to show they are part of the same team or something) Di tells the headmistress the real deal about the molestation and murder and then the headmistress says dumb things about the schools reputation and no criminal charges against Miss G but she will "Take a leave of absence to travel the world to cope with this recent tragedy" Oh injustice. And then the last scene in the movie is of Miss G all alone in her rented apartment, looking depressed, trying to decide which 5 trinkets she should place on her night stand (in the movie the school had a rule that only 5 things can be on ones nightstand) So that goes to show Miss G is following the schools rules even out in the real world. The real world is something she never even encountered. And shes really nuts The End.

I hope that helped, Please let us know if u need more details and if that made any sense. Im curious to know if the movie details are the same in the book ( red sash, 5 trinket rule etc.)

Why won't the handle stop turning on my kohler tub faucet?

I replaced the stem and barrel seat. The new barrel seat has an o-ring and the old one did not. Now when I try to turn off the cold water, the knob keeps spinning and there is a slight drip regardless of how far I turn it. How do I fix it to stop turning and also shut the water off completely?|||You might have got the wrong size and type stem.|||turned out I had a bit backwards when putting it in, working great now for many months!

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How can I find the specific torque settings for a Kohler 12.5 Hp engine?

Its a vertical shaft.|||ask kohler they should have the specs on it

Substitue for Kohler Shower Levers and Cover?

I have Kohler hardware in the wall of my shower but do not want to use Kohler levers. What other manufactor parts will fit my Kohler hardware (spindles and bolt pattern for covers??|||try going to plumbingsupply.com

Kohler Cast Iron kitchen sink?

Does anyone have the Langlade Smart Divide Kohler Cast Iron Kitchen sink? How do you like it? Does it scratch easily?|||Kohler's cast iron surface is "fire polished" to obtain its vivid color and deep gloss. The thickness of cast iron makes its surface resistant to acids, and provides outstanding protection against chipping, scratches and dents. Like any kitchen sink though it can scratch through use. Kohler offers basin racks and baskets to fit their sinks to help protect them.You can also purchase their Cast Iron Cleaner which is great for marks that can be left behind from your pots %26amp; pans.|||Plumbers do not like cast iron.

Some kitchen sinks weigh 350 pounds!

Corian, AmeriCast, SwanStone and MoenStone are much more reasonable.

Between the two lawnmower engines of Briggs and Stratton and Kohler, which has the better quality?

Please give your opinion why.|||i believe kohler is higher quality ,and would last the longest.but it usaully costs more and repairs or higher.briggs is good and cheaper to repair.if buying a rider i wanted to really last i would choose a kohler.|||I think that both make good engines, it would depend upon the horsepower and fitness for the particular purpose that you want. For the higher horsepower engines (over 20 hp) Kohler is the largest Cast Iron engine manufacturer in the world and made in the Good Ole USA. Briggs is also made in the US but I think that they are using more imported parts and assemblies, but they make a fine engine, especially in the lower horsepower range. All things being equal I'd buy the Kohler to keep our neighbors in Wisconsin working.|||When I bought a Sears Lawn tractor, the seemingly knowledgeable older salesman said that I could get either, and asked if we had any hills in our yard. I said that we did and he then said we should get the Kohler engine because it had a full pressure oil system like a car engine. The Briggs and Stratton engine had only a splash type primitive system that would leave the engine without oil when climbing or descending a hill. He also thought the Kohler was the more durable longer lasting engine. This was about 5 years ago and so far the engine has been perfect. I am not sure if the offerings have changed since then.|||I would buy a Briggs lawnmower. They have a long history of proven performance.

Check what sort of warranty is offered on both models and go from there. It it's pretty much the same then check out the other features to help you make up your mind.|||What ever one does the job your the Consumer it gos buy what you feel is the best . ok later|||Briggs is a proven winner in my family for over 60 years. Kohler make faucets don't they? never even heard of a kohler motor.

Need parts for Kohler faucet?

Where do I find parts for Kohler faucets?|||Lowes and Home Depot both carry Kohler parts.|||Home depot normally..but most Kohler faucets are life time guarantee...If you have the receipt or original box it came in take it to the supplier and they should give you a new one free..Even with the box if the receipt is lost..they can scan the bar code showing that it came from that particular store and exchange it for you..|||Any good hardware store will have them. Also try Menards and Home Depot. I wrote to my faucet company and they sent me a whole new one free, we have a Moen though.|||Kohler doesn't sell replacement parts at hardware stores, call 1 800 kohler for parts.|||Home Depot, Lowes - Ace hardware are good sources. if you cannot find there, try a plumbing supply. Make sure you balance the cost of the repair against a new faucet, the plumbing supply houses are usually espensive and cater to professionals. Also, Kohler offers lifetime replacement on almost all of their products. Contact them, they will probably replace the whole unit with a up to date new one.

Where can i find info like hp model series etc on an old kohler engine?

??? pleas ehelp i have a lincoln electric weldanpower 130 and i need some info on it|||Hi,

Try taking a look at the two links below.

The second link [.pdf ]|||google.com|||All the info would be on the fly wheel cover...it has a riveted on tag on the fly wheel.

If the cover is con then you would have to measure bore size of the piston then find a shop manual that will tell you what motor you have.

It's probably a K series motor.

Is it a real old motor? made like in the 60 maybe?

I have a scag commercial mower 22hp kohler and im not getting any spark does anyone know what checks?

i should try. Fuses are ok i have replaced the voltage reg. few yrs back.|||there are several safety switches on it that will not let it start. the blade(s) must be disengaged. if it is a rider unit there must be pressure on the seat to signify that there is a person on the seat. the clutch mechanism must detect that the clutch is fully disengaged. all of these are controlled by switches.|||fixed problem it was the coil's on both cylinders, mice had gotten up there and chewed the wires tks all

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|||the starting switch may be grounding out,

need more info is it a electric start? with a key ? push button start %26gt;?|||I have an 18 HP Kohler that when it was hot would not start. I had to wait for about an hour to get spark. It was the ignition module. I replaced it and it works great again. I don't know what checks to do on the module to make sure that is what the problem is. If you remove the engine top cowling you can get to the module and disconnect the ground wire. This will tell you that the ground/shut off is not grounding somewhere. I assume that there are readings that you can take to determine if it is bad or not but I don't know what they are. If you need to buy a new modules try pats small engine plus. They had the best price.|||Start with the basics,try a new spark plug first.

plug wire look ok?

check for loose or disconnected wires from the ignition.

points clean and set properly,spark

electronic ignition system ok?

if basics ok have it serviced.

Is it safe to use kohler sae 10w-30 1 quart in my automobile till I can get to town?

automobile low on oil, is it safe to add 1 quart of kohler command universal engine oil to my car engine to get to town.|||Uh huh.|||"Sure" and also try to find the leak.|||yes

Ran CH25S Kohler out of oil and it runs but rough no high idle any ideas?

I realise this was not the swiftest, however, it's done. This motor starts but the minute you attempt to raise the idle it starts choking out. Piston damage? Seized rod? Any ideas or has this happened to anyone else? If so what was the damage. Thanks in Advance!|||sounds like main and rod bearing damage.

Where can I get reconditioned kohler engines?

I need a rebuilt or reconditioned Kohler Magnum 18 engine for my (American) YardPro garden tractor. Preferably in SE England. Alternatively someone who can repair these engines (cost effectively!).|||Do you have any ARGO dealers over there.Check that out or Google it.|||try www.tillerparts.co.uk(or .com) guy called Chester does lots of makes of old agricultural machines,the howard gem used a kohler a one point,good luck!

Kohler Bathroom Faucet Supply Lines?

I have a kohler bathroom faucet i am trying to install with no supply lines.There is no fitting that goes into the faucet so i need kohler supply lines.The thread is a finer thread then most supply lines.Where can i find flexible kohler supply lines online?|||No such animal, take the faucet back.|||http://www.homecenter.com/manufacturer.a鈥?/a>|||take a picture of the wall pipes, along with the actual faucet to your nearby home center or hardware store. a skilled clerk can get you up and running. go early in am so you beat the rush.

Can anyone tell me what is so good about Kohler engines over any other brand?

I hear that Kohler (i have several) and Kawasaki are the best. Briggs and Stratton is the worst--its full of plastic parts and they dont warranty anything.|||Traditionally they are better built, using a pressure oiling system (rather than a splash oiling system) with an oil filter.

"Better built" than what you might ask, they are better than Tecumseh and B+S motors, Honda still seems to be the "king".

Where can I find parts for a kohler k 4540 toilet?

Im looking for a tank for our k 4540 since our last one cracked but I cannot find anywhere online. Can anyone help me?|||Hello Eamon!

I spoke to Kohler Plumbing (1-800-456-4537)and here is what I found:

The part number that you provided is from a discontinued one-piece toilet. Kohler 4540 is the lid # and the tank + bowl assembly is #3600. Contact Unity (603-465-9400) or Peterson Plumbing (406-682-7385) for parts.

Best wishes on your project.

How to get rid of a bathtub ring in a new Kohler plastic tub. Have tried Comet, bleach, scrubbers, baking soda

have u tried the magic erasers???? they are great|||Already tried, it didn't Kohler was no help either. Apparently their products are not meant to be installed on farms.

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|||goof off|||My mother sometimes rubs Tide with Bleach on the tub and lets it sit..

Our tub is one of those old heavy deep tubs. I imagine it may work on plastic as well.|||Try Paint.|||KABOOM SPRAY.

I do investment properties and I swear by this stuff.I sprayed a horrible toilet and lat it stand for about 15 minutes and the yellow bowel ring was gone.

Great for many things,try it,you'll like it!|||baking soda and vinegar|||hydrochloric acid|||Well if all else fails... bleach bleach bleach!!!

But my mom uses this powder stuff called Bartender's Friend

and it is absolutely amazing|||barkeepers friend,or try easy off "bam"|||I like the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser idea. Otherwise try Lime Away or The Works Tub and Shower Cleaner.|||Do not use Magic Erasers or any abrasive on your tub, it will scratch. Use a non-scratch scrubber sponge to clean it with, and for the stain, try Easy-Off Bam, or Kaboom. Those two work really well, especially on ring-around-the-tub. Spray on heavily, let sit about 5-10 minutes, while you clean the rest of the bathroom, then scrub away.

Once the stain is gone, prevent it from coming back! Use liquid lemon oil furniture polish on the sides of your tub and shower stall. Never let it get in the bottom of the tub, you'll break your neck. Just wipe on and buff off. Keeps soap scum and dirt from sticking. You can use car wax, too, just be careful. If you get either of these in the bottom of the tub, it'll be super-dangerous. Not even a bath mat will stick to a waxed tub. Good luck!

Wiring schematic for model 917 kohler engine used on a deutz allis garden tractor?

dude...nobody knows this...

Why does a 19.5 hp kohler engine on a Craftsman lawnmower smoke real bad only once in awhile?

I have a 1997 Craftsman Gt 6000 Lawn Tractor that runs great except everyonce in a while the motor bogs down and the blue smoke just rolls out of the thing. It has a 19.5 hp Kohler Magnum engine. it acts like it is sucking oil from the crankcase or something. other than this the motor runs fine.|||I had this problem last year. First, check the oil and be sure that it isn't something minor like that. The problem with my mower was that one of the lines (can't remember which) was old, dry, and cracked which was causing the engine to smoke and die fairly frequently. At first it started bogging it down, but the longer it went without fixing the worse it got. You're best bet would be to take it to a mower mechanic and get it checked out.|||You probably should get it a nicotine patch. Smoking is a bid habit for a lawn mower engine. It can shorten its life.|||It could be you are mowing on the side of a hill of something. I have one with a B%26amp;S 16 HP and it does the same thing. Sometimes I think that I have added too much oil, but it shows okay on the stick. I live in a town with a lot of hills though and I know the hills do it. Again it is only at times.

Why does my kohler shower valve drip after installing repair kit?

I have done this several times,sometimes it will work for a month or two,sometimes it starts dripping in a day or two.|||you have to carefully observe the repair. another reason could be

debris lodged in the water supply side to the shower valves.

Turn of the water remove the guts rubber seats and springs hold

a bucket or a plastic pan to divert the water down into the tub and

have some one turn the water on quickly and then turn it of just as fast.

Put a washcloth in the tub drain so you won't lose any parts you

didn't see when the water blows itself out of the valve body. Something comes

out your in luck , just put it back together and voila no leaks. Now if it has to

do with the valve body itself look for sharp edges or broken areas of plastic

or metal where the valve mechanism will find it's home. These little snags

can often rag out a valve seat or spring in no time at all. Clean these

surfaces up if you can. If they are the old type valve stems check the

washer surface for cuts or flattening, and then check if you see this situation

the actual valve seat for damage. No problems put it back together make sure you

replace any springs or seats observe if any o-ring seals are missing

replace them if necessary, put it back together and your good as gold.

I want to buy the KOHLER Revival庐 Toilet Tank ONLY because the elongated bowl is too large for my bathroom.?

The bowl extends out too far and there is only about 2 feet between the bowl and my wall. Therefore, not much room from knees (when sitting) to the wall. Does Kohler have a round bowl that is smaller that is compatible with the Revival Toilet tank.|||great idea -order it.

How to adjust hot water on Kohler anti scald faucet?

I recently moved into an apartment and the shower does not get hot at all and i need a hot shower. I was told that i have a anti scald faucet. Is there any way i can adjust the temperature myself? Please Help. Thanks|||First, try a regular faucet and see if the hot tap there is hot enough. The HW heater may be turned down. There's often a set screw or some other ring that limits the travel of the interior shower cartridge to limit the maximum temperature. Not knowing exactly which Kohler model I can't tell you more. Take the knob off (again it depends on which one you have how you do this, often the center cap pops off exposing a screw) and see what you see inside.|||go online to Kohler and they can explain it. Basically you take the shower knob off and there's an adjustment you can make, They will explain which way to turn it etc.

Mine (Kohler) have an allen head screw that limits the valve handle rotation at the hot end. The center front trim unscrews to release the handle/trim and expose the internal adjustments|||You should have a cover plate on the control knobs. Remove it and look for a slotted screw ahead of an indicator for adjusting the temperature.